Should you encounter any technical issues with the system during the day, please contact your local Falck site manager via phone, email or in person, who will be able to action your query to Falck's IT department.

Out of Hours:

Should you have an urgent technical issue out of hours, please call our dispatch centre who can escalate the issue on +44(0)3300535695.

If you are a new member of staff and need a new account for web bookings, please contact the local Falck site manager via phone, email or visit the Outpatient Desk if you work at a hospital who will direct your query to Falck's IT department.

For web bookers using Cleric, please email, phone or see your local Falck site manager.


For web bookers using Logis from January 2019, you will be able to reset your password via the 'reset password' link below the login fields (once you have clicked the 'Book Transport' button). Note that your account must have been created first for you to reset your password. You will receive an email with instructions to your first log in before we transition to the new web booking system.

If you need training in doing web bookings via Cleric, please speak to your local site manager or other Falck representative who will either guide you to a trainer or train you directly.


For training in the Logis Web Booking system, you will be approached either by your local Falck representative on site or a ward within your hospital area depending on your role. You will then together schedule a 15-minute training session at your desk. The web booking training will commence from two weeks prior to transitioning to Logis.