Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Statement

We will continuously strive to nurture and develop relationships, both internally and externally, to create new business opportunities, build trust and contribute to supportive working practices and environments.

We will stay true to our mission, vision and values and endeavour not to revert or stray when moving ahead throws up challenges we are not prepared for or find difficult to face.

Our management will communicate effectively, lead by example and demonstrate commitment to our business, our people and the environment around us.

Our employees will be committed to and believe in our business and our strategy.

Our Company Mission

We contribute to making the world a safer and more secure place in which to work and live.

Our Company Vision

To be the UKs leading safety training provider where people come first.

Our Company Values

  • Helpful – to our customers and each other.
  • Reliable – Consequent & trustworthy. We keep our promises.
  • Fast – Agile, contemporary & advanced. Always the right way, the first time.​
  • Accessible – Open, attentive & accommodating. Easy to communicate with
  • Competent – Skilful & well qualified
  • Efficient – Enterprising & proactive. We take responsibility

Our CSR Commitments

Commitment to our customers:

  • We will provide the highest quality of safety and service
  • We aim to understand, meet and exceed our customers’ requirements
  • We will co-create proactive project solutions

Commitment to our people:

  • We believe in engagement and empowerment
  • We will encourage personal development and career plans
  • We guarantee equal opportunities

Commitment to the environment:

  • We will work on impact reduction and good practices
  • We will increase the awareness of our employees
  • We will continuously improve our environmental behaviour

Commitment to society:

  • We will invest in the local economy
  • We will provide quality employment and training
  • We will participate in business networks
  • We will support and sponsor charitable causes