A new approach to recruitment - Welcoming our new patient transport crews

Delivering a quality patient transport service to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust means providing the right amount of resources at the right time, especially when it comes to our Patient Transport Crews!

To ensure an improved service for patients, Falck have recruited an additional 120 employees on top of the staff who have transferred to us under TUPE regulations. 

Recruiting 120 staff in just three months is no mean feat, and we used some new approaches to achieve this.  Working with Blue House Media, Falck Ambulance UK’s brand agency, we launched a recruitment campaign which utilised the power of Social Media to reach more people than ever before.  Potential recruits were targeted through Facebook and Google Display Network as well as adverts on the Falck website and through more traditional recruitment and job site platforms.  

These methods allowed us to manage our campaign by effectively targeting potential new crews across West London and beyond, inviting them to consider and apply for a role as Ambulance Care Assistant with Falck Ambulance UK.

Launching in early April, the campaign has successfully reached its goal with 120 ACAs being recruited into the organisation, ready for deployment on the 1st June. 

Jacqui Rogers, Lead for the Imperial recruitment programme said;

“the response to the Imperial recruitment campaign has been fantastic, allowing us to ?choose the best possible candidates as well as meet our recruitment targets within the challenging timescale.  The last of the new staff are currently going through our on-boarding and training processes and are excited to start their new roles with us, we wish them the very best in their new careers!”

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