'Ambulance Innovator wins the Sophus Falck Medal of Honour'

Following our article published back in July, we are delighted to announce that Falck's Danish employee, Emergency Medical Technician Anders Bruun Rasmussen has been commended once again having received the Sophus Falck Medal of Honour for his creation of an innovative, game-changing application which helps ambulance staff  match the type of emergency to the closest hospital with the most appropriate specialist care.

The award was presented by Falck CEO Jakob Riis on the 3rd of October, the birthday of Falck Founder Sophus Falck, which marks a special occasion where Falck employees are rewarded for 'heroic, resolute and resourceful contributions to save lives or limit injuries while on or off duty’ and this year for the first time, the opportunity to be awarded for an innovative and creative idea was made possible.

“I am really happy to present this award to Anders Bruun Rasmussen. Saving and improving lives is a natural part of Falck and its employees. It runs in our blood and is a part of our legacy. Innovation is an important part of our future, and I am therefore pleased to award an idea, that will save and improve lives by working smarter,” says Falck CEO, Jakob Riis.

Awards were presented in different categories with around 25 Falck employees from around the world being awarded the Medal of Honour carrying the name of the founder.

To find out more about Anders Bruun Rasmussen' app and the Sophus Falck Medal of Honour please click on the link.






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