Christmas - A Time For Giving

" Christmas is about being generous to others. In our every-day work at Falck we experience how access to good health and well-being makes all the difference for people.

However, across the globe there are people who do not have access to health care. There are children under the age of 5 who have 10-25 times higher risk of dying from treatable diseases. Mothers who have 4 times higher risk of dying while giving birth. This is the case in the Amazon jungle in Colombia. We can change that for several thousands of people living far away from publicly available healthcare.

This year, Falck will make a Christmas donation of USD 400,000 to the NGO Sinergias that works in the remote region of Vaupes in Colombia to establish a proper health care system for people who suffer from trivial deceases that access to basic healthcare can eliminate. With our donation, this important work can continue for three years. During these three years, Sinergias, local communities and authorities work together to ensure that public healthcare will be available to children, mothers and families in all foreseeable future.

The Christmas donation from all of us at Falck is a new way of acknowledging all the good work that our 32,000 employees do every hour, every day, all year round. It is a gift from and to all of us."

To learn more about the project we donate to please watch the video attached.

We wish everyone a very merry christmas!


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