Falck UK Ambulance Services Limited - 2018 Gender Pay Reporting

Falck UK Ambulance are pleased to share our 2018 Gender Pay Report based on the data gathered from our ‘snapshot’ day of the 5th April 2018.

Our approach to promoting an inclusive environment across our organisation means we are working continuously to make positive changes ensuring parity exists across salaries for all our employees regardless of gender.

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap is the difference in pay between men and women explained through various statistics and it is influenced by a range of factors including geography and role.

The Gender Pay gap is different from equal pay

Equal pay is about a man and a woman receiving equal pay for undertaking the same or a similar job and is different from Gender Pay. Along with equal pay, Falck is committed to fostering a transparent and fair working environment, rewarding employees based on their performance.

Mean Pay Gap

The Mean Pay Gap is the difference in the average hourly pay for women compared to men within a company.

Median Pay Gap

The median represents the middle point of a population (50% of people above the point and 50% of the people below the point). For example, if you were to separately line up all the women in a company and all the men by their hourly pay rate, the Median Pay Gap is the difference between the hourly pay rates of the middle woman compared to that of the middle man.

To find out the results of Falck UK's gender pay please click on the link.





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