Falck UK Partner With The Paul Popham Fund

Local community engagement is at the core of Falck integrity and Falck UK feel it’s vital that we do our part to unite and raise awareness on common causes.

Our 'People helping people' philosophy and our approach to social responsibility is a belief we are extremely passionate about and 2018 is set to see Falck involved on a whole different level. 

As a result we are extremely delighted to announce our new and exciting charity partnership with the Paul Popham Fund. 

We are happy to support a programme of activity with the Paul Popham Fund and are committed to going that extra mile to support and deliver results.

Our planned programme will involve 3 crucial steps including Fund Raising, Project / Event Support, Sponsorship for Events.

At Falck we commend the truly inspiring work the Paul Popham Fund is achieving in changing the lives of renal patients by supporting the NHS through its network of dialysis wards.

As our first but certainly not the last of our charity partnerships we are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to join them on this incredible journey. We hope to develop a long standing partnership with the Paul Popham Fund in which we pledge to contribute to ensure longevity, continued success and excitement for all those involved.

Moving forward our Swansea Regional Contact Manager Gareth Cadmore will be heading up the charity events calendar in the coming months in which all of our renal patients will be welcome to join.

“It’s very exciting to announce this partnership on behalf of Falck UK with Joanne Popham from the Paul Popham Fund. As a global company Falck place social responsibility and values in the core of the business, on meeting her team her passion is infectious and we both share a similar passion, assisting people who have to go through such a difficult treatment as dialysis. This partnership will offer support and experience, with a number of events and projects focusing locally in South Wales”- Gareth Cadmore,Regional Contract Manager

The first event, 'The Swansea Bay Summer 5K series', is to take place with an estimated 120 participants this week so look out for more news and pictures to see how our Falck team got on!

For more details please visit the Paul Popham Fund website or take a look at the Paul Popham Fund twitter page.

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