Falck UK's Recruitment Campaign Embracing a Multi-generational Workforce

Falck UK have strengthened our commitment to supporting age-diversity and inclusivity by launching a new recruitment campaign with Rest Less, the UK’s largest job board dedicated to experienced workers.

Restless provides a 'destination to inspire the over 50’s’ helping people to get more from the retirement they’ve worked so hard to earn. 

Selecting thousands of jobs from employers who see the value that age diversity can bring to the workplace, Rest Less offers members a unique opportunity to choose a new path, and to keep doing what they want for as long as they can.

With over 45% of Falck UK’s workforce representing the over 50s, this exciting partnership will work to build upon Falck’s culture of inclusivity reinforcing our ambition to be a positive representation of the communities in which we serve. Our recruitment process strives to tackle the skills gap and ageing bias, which is why we remain an attractive employer to all.

So whether you’re retired, looking for a part time job or a change in career visit https://restless.co.uk/work-for-falck/ today to read about some of the inspiring individuals working within our workforce and to find out more about the opportunities available.









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