Falck introduces new electric vehicle fleet!

Green driving is an essential element when planning Falck's more than 5,000 vehicles, and electric cars are a natural part of that development

There is no emission when Falck's latest patient transports arrive at the hospital with patients. The new vehicles are electric cars from Nissan that have replaced some of Falck's diesel-powered cars.

“This is a new initiative for us. The need for driving, where cars drive continuously, can make it difficult to get the cars charged, but with the planning of the journey it has been possible to introduce electric cars as part of the fleet,” explains Jan Ankersen, Head of Fleet Excellence at Falck.

Falck has also tested whether electric cars can also be used for ambulance driving, and Jan Ankersen estimates that Falck will have a lot more electric cars in the fleet in the future. The fleet holds more than 5000 vehicles worldwide.

“At Falck, we care about using less fuel. It is beneficial to the environment and the economy, and we believe that an increasing number of public tenders will allow or even demand more electric cars. So, we are pleased being in operation in Copenhagen already,” says Falck's fleet manager.

Vision and safety
Falck is very pleased with the new Nissans, which are adapted to the specific conditions of patient transportation. In fits four passengers and driver and space for rollator walker and luggage. The cars for Falck are all equipped with a defibrillator. In addition, a special net is inserted behind the rear seat, so passengers will be protected and separated from the trunk. There are also factory fitted parking sensor and double sliding doors to enhance safety and access conditions.

“The demands from the Danish public sector include more and more green transport and green strategy from suppliers. This delivery of e-NV200 Combi to Falck is a very good example. Falck is a visionary company that has a wish make their customers safe now and in the future. It is great that such a company is also at the forefront when it comes to our environment,” says Country Manager at Nissan Denmark, Ralph Gonsalves.

For a start, Falck has sent 10 electric cars for sitting patient transport on the street in the Capital area.

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