Falck’s EMS Incentive Scheme Helping Build Lasting Relationships With Our People

Falck are happy to announce that we have rolled out an incentivised scheme which will allow us to continue to drive forward as a leader in this competitive market whilst also offering front-line staff an opportunity to receive an increased payment each month.

The scheme which launched on the 1st November, includes payments being made a month in arrears meaning the first payment of this scheme will occur just in time for Christmas.

Acknowledging our employees hard work we know will have a positive impact on them and will support us in reducing staff turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. By introducing our incentive and reward schemes we are confident will promote positive working environments and encourage our staff to work better and harder.

How the Scheme Works

The scheme allows PSC/Bank staff to qualify for either a 2%, 4% or 10% uplift in rates or for  permanent front line colleagues the opportunity to receive an equivalent incentive in monthly salary providing no late cancellation of shifts, working a minimum number of shifts/ additional shifts whilst being in full compliance.

Those individuals who can demonstrate this will be given priority in shift allocation to earn the highest incentive payment.

These initiatives will seek to align with the culture and values of Falck and support our business by not only maintaining our best talent but by bringing in new employees driving productivity and contributing to our staff’s wellbeing.

How to Get Involved

If you are a staff member looking to qualify for this incentive scheme or seeking further information please email: shifts.firstresponse@medicalservicesuk.com to secure your shifts for the following month.

Or to become a part of Falck’s First Response Team please email you CV across to emsrecruitment@medicalservices.co.uk or check out our recruitment page to find the role for you.



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