Introducing the new Falck Ambulance UK uniform!

In the first of our Countdown messages, we will be putting the Spotlight on the new Falck Uniforms being rolled out across the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust contract, and eventually across the rest of the organisation.

Following a 6 month design process our new uniforms bring the UK business inline with the rest of the Global Falck organisation and see us move from the old Greens to a fresher and smarter blue uniform.

Featuring a polo t-shirt, utility trousers and a warm shell jacket, the uniforms have been designed to offer more comfort to our crews whilst still being smart, professional and easy to clean. The design process included a trial on our Swansea contract, the feedback from which resulted in a move from a fleece coat to a thicker and more waterproof softshell jacket and trousers with 360° reflective strips to increase visibility and safety. The new uniforms now simply state “Ambulance” to improve recognition following the move from greens to blues.

Nick Watts, Head of Procurement and Facilities and our uniform work stream lead for the mobilisation has said about the new uniforms;

“It is great to now offer a much higher quality uniform for our crews, which is much more comfortable to wear and has been trialled with active crews and developed with their feedback to arrive at a modern fresh uniform that is fit for purpose for their roles”

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