Launching the Falck UK Colleague Recognition Programme

We are very excited to launch our brand new Colleague Recognition Programme in the UK.

We know that receiving recognition helps us see that we are valued and sometimes all it takes is for someone to say you have done a good job.  Knowing that your contributions are vital to the success of a team and to Falck UK makes you feel happy, appreciated and often motivated to maintain or even improve your good work!

This Colleague Recognition Programme has been carefully designed to include all colleagues from all parts of the business whether they work on the road, in the office, at a hospital site, base or at even at home.

Nominations are gathered throughout the month and every 3 months, awards are given out to colleagues who have displayed our Winning Behaviours helping us recognise and celebrate colleagues from right across the business.

Take a look at our short VIDEO which explains how the programme works!

It's easy to nominate a Falck colleague for an award, just email

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