Quintiq Goes Live!

Falck UK are delighted to announce that QUINTIQ, our new workforce planning software, has now gone live in one of our key non-emergency patient transport contracts.

Having worked in close partnership over the past few weeks QUINTIQ have successfully adapted their industry leading planning and optimising software to provide a unique solution to meet the needs of the complex UK PTS Market.

As an integral part of our wider ‘Falck Integrated Technology Suite’ QUINTIQ will enable us to:

  • Measure activity levels against current shift patterns to minimise inefficient resourcing and ensure we have the right vehicles available at the right times of the day
  • Analyse and adapt our rota’s to changes in the demand profiles and needs of our hospitals
  • Provide staff with greater levels of shift visibility and flexibility by enabling them to manage their shifts, leave and training via the QUINTIQ mobile app.
  • Adequately measure and allocate overtime by ensuring that it is equally resourced through the QUINTIQ algorithmic fairness tool

Ultimately QUINTIQ will support us in ensuring we are able to offer the very best service to our patients and hospitals whilst supporting our staff with their rota’s and shift allocations.  

Theresa Stone, Systems and Forecasting Manager, commented

“QUINTIQ is the most sophisticated software Falck has ever used and is unlike any other solution currently available in the UK. We are excited to expanding the roll out across the rest of the business in the coming weeks and look forward to start seeing the material benefits the system will provide for both our staff and our patients”


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