Working in partnership with the NHS

Since 24th July 2020 we have been involved in a project in London where Falck colleagues have been tasked with delivering Covid testing kits to people at home to check whether they have currently got coronavirus.

Working in partnership with the Trust, the ‘Swab Team’ is made up of colleagues who work for Falck on the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

The team have been delivering swabs to patients and also Trust colleagues houses to prevent the need for them to travel into the Hospitals and risking spreading the infection, so far they have assisted with swabbing over 50 patients.

Natasha Vukic, Falck Operations Manager said "It’s great to see how we are able to further support the NHS during this pandemic and play a small part in helping NHS staff get back to work safely".

Pictured: Daniel Ivey and Victoria Fitzwater

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